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Buena Vista Social Club - Discografia Completa (Brunokito).rar

Buena Vista Social Club - Discografia Completa (Brunokito).rar: A treasure trove of Cuban music

If you are a fan of Cuban music, you will love this rar file that contains the complete discography of Buena Vista Social Club, one of the most famous and influential ensembles of Cuban musicians in history. In this article, we will tell you more about Buena Vista Social Club, their music, and how to download their discography by Brunokito.

Buena Vista Social Club - Discografia Completa (Brunokito).rar

Who are Buena Vista Social Club?

Buena Vista Social Club is a group of veteran Cuban musicians who were brought together in 1996 by American guitarist Ry Cooder and Cuban bandleader Juan de Marcos González. They named the group after a popular music club in Havana that was active in the 1940s and 1950s. The groups aim was to revive the traditional styles of Cuban music, such as son, bolero, guajira, and danzón, that were fading away due to political and social changes in Cuba.

The group recorded their eponymous album in March 1996 in Havana, and it was released in September 1997 by World Circuit Records. The album was an instant hit, selling over eight million copies worldwide and winning a Grammy Award for Best Tropical Latin Album. The album featured legendary singers such as Ibrahim Ferrer, Compay Segundo, Omara Portuondo, and Eliades Ochoa, as well as virtuoso instrumentalists such as Rubén González, Orlando Cachaíto López, Manuel Guajiro Mirabal, and Barbarito Torres.

The success of the album led to a documentary film by German director Wim Wenders, also called Buena Vista Social Club, that captured the groups performance in Amsterdam and New York in 1998, as well as interviews with the musicians in Havana. The film was released in June 1999 and received an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Feature. The film introduced the group to a wider audience and sparked a global interest in Cuban music and culture.

What is their music like?

The music of Buena Vista Social Club is a blend of various genres and influences from Cuba and beyond. The groups repertoire includes songs from the golden age of Cuban music, such as Chan Chan, El Cuarto de Tula, Dos Gardenias, and Candela, as well as original compositions by some of the members, such as De Camino a la Vereda, Orgullecida, and Pueblo Nuevo. The songs are sung in Spanish, with some lyrics in Yoruba, a language of African origin.

The music is characterized by rich melodies, catchy rhythms, expressive vocals, and virtuosic improvisation. The instruments used include guitars, treses (a Cuban three-stringed guitar), laúds (a Cuban lute), pianos, trumpets, trombones, clarinets, flutes, violins, double basses, bongos, congas, timbales, maracas, claves, güiros (a Cuban scraper), and cowbells. The music evokes a sense of nostalgia, joy, romance, and pride.

How to download their discography by Brunokito?

If you want to enjoy the full collection of Buena Vista Social Clubs music, you can download their discography by Brunokito. Brunokito is a user who has uploaded a rar file that contains all the albums and songs of Buena Vista Social Club in high quality. The rar file is called Buena Vista Social Club - Discografia Completa (Brunokito).rar and it has a size of 1.4 GB.

To download the rar file, you need to have a torrent client installed on your computer. A torrent client is a software that allows you to download files from other users who have the same file. Some popular torrent clients are uTorrent , BitTorrent , or qBittorrent . Once you have installed a torrent client , you can search for the rar file on any torrent website , such as The Pirate Bay , Kickass Torrents , or RARBG . You can also use this c481cea774


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