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SHAREit: A Free and Fast File Sharing and Downloading App for All Your Needs

Since ShareIt also features an Android app installer, it is also susceptible to a "Man-in-the-disk" attack. Due to the vulnerability mentioned above, attackers have the ability to swap out install packages with a malicious app as soon as they're downloaded. This could lead users to install malicious apps on their devices unknowingly. Furthermore, ShareIt's game store has the ability to download app data over unsecured HTTP. This can be subject to a "Man-in-the-middle" attack. As Ars Technica explains, "ShareIt registers itself as the handler for any link that ends its domains, like "" or "," and it will automatically pop up when users click on a download link. Most apps force all traffic to HTTPS, but ShareIt does not. Chrome will shut down HTTP download traffic, so this would have to be done through a Web interface other than the main browser."

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Just downloaded shareit from windows store to two windows 10 laptops on the same network. Wifi is on both, Sharing is on both. Shareit opens and shows my phone only. I tried initiating this from both laptops with the same result. Does the latest release exclude windows 10 laptops?


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