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[S2E17] Icy Nights ((HOT))

Having no other means of escape, Yuri resorts to sending Baby Ice Bear away into the sea by chopping the ice with his axe and a piece sets off with Baby Ice Bear on it so the hunters can't get him. Yuri leaves to go back to the tent while Baby Ice Bear begins to cry over the loss of his beloved owner as he stares at Yuri's axe. Back at the tent, Yuri picks up the toy horse Baby Ice Bear made and starts to miss him, regretfully resigning to live by himself again. Deciding to come to terms with the past, he puts his family picture down on his nightstand and puts the toy horse beside it, while Baby Ice Bear wipes his tears away as he puts a brave appearance and holds up Yuri's axe as the episode ends.

[S2E17] Icy Nights

In My Little Pony: Nightmare Knights Issue #3 and Issue #4, Princess Eris traps Tempest Shadow, Capper, and Stygian in hypnotic nightmares in which they relive the most traumatic moments of their lives. 041b061a72


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