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Society And Culture By Isabel Panopio Pdf Download


Society And Culture By Isabel Panopio Pdf Download

Book ReviewsIsabel S. Panopio, Felicidad V. Cordero, and Adelisa A. Raymundo, General Socio logy : Focus on the Philippines. Sta Cruz, Manila, Popular Book Store, 1978. Pp. 411, no price given SAGE Publications, Inc.1980DOI: 10.1177/002071528002100313 Mario D.Zamora College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, U.S.A. The Philippines is one of the most active nations in Southeast Asia in promoting sociological research, training, and institution-building, especially during the last two decades. There is one area, however, where Philippine sociology is found wanting: the publication of high quality textbooks in sociology. It is, therefore, heartening to note the 1978 second revision of General Sociology... , authored by three well-known Filipino sociologists from the University of the East in Manila. This book is one of the two widely-read texts in sociology (the other one is Hunt et. al. Sociology in the New Philippine Setting) in the Republic of the Philippines. The first edition was well-received by colleagues and students in sociology as reflected in earlier reviews of the text. This second revised version is current, well-organized, and better-illustrated with rich data on Philippine culture and society, especially in the fields of values, economics, and sociocultural change. According to the authors, their rationale 1e1e36bf2d


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