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Solomon And Sheba (1959)

In the decade of the 1950s historical and biblical epics were prestigeous products for Hollywood. 20th Century Fox had released THE EGYPTIAN (1954). Paramount had triumphed with THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (1956). Warners had filmed LAND OF THE PHAROAHS (1955) and HELEN OF TROY (1956). MGM had lavished production values on QUO VADIS (1951) and later produced the greatest of all the biblical-era films, BEN-HUR (1959). United Artists had stayed out of this area for the most part, but tried with SOLOMON AND SHEBA (1959), directed by the great Hollywood veteran King Vidor. Yul Brynner was signed to play Solomon and the Italian bombshell known simply as Lollo - Gina Lollobridgida was signed to play The Queen of Sheba. Of course, they needed a villain and that part went to George Sanders. Fast and loose with the bible, but generous with costumes, sets and wide screen photography. Here is the original United Artists Pressbook for the film, 14 giant pages filled with publicity and promotion ideas, ad mats, replicas of the posters. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this pressbook is the original U.S. pressbook for the first release of this movie. MovieArt Austin will sell NO reproductions.KING VIDOR - DirectorYul Brynner - ActorGina Lollobrigida - ActorGeorge Sanders - ActorMarisa Pavan - ActorDavid Farrar - ActorJohn Crawford - ActorHarry Andrews - ActorJean Anderson - ActorFinlay Currie - ActorJack Gwillim - Actor

Solomon and Sheba (1959)



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