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Sonic Heroes (Direct Play) Hack Online

As I said before, I've only played Platinum and X. But now AlphaSapphire too, yay. I also stopped playing after an hour. I have 6 pokémon now: Treecko: lvl 11, Ralts: lvl 6, Shiny Beldum (Mystery Gift): lvl ?, Tailow: lvl 8, Lotad: lvl 8 and Poochyena: lvl 7. I'm really stunned how awesome Smash Wii U is! Smash Tour is really fun. But I've only tested it with CPU's. The music is fantastic! 10/10. The ONLY bad thing is that when you select smash or whatever you always have to choose your name. Or else ZR is grab? I prefer ZR as Shield. And the tap jump xd. That's horrible. Stage Builder is awesome too. I hope we could share stages someday. I can play online in Smash ii U on Tuesday from 18pm-20pm.Billy-Luigi Time! 02:52, 30 November 2014 (EST)

Sonic Heroes (Direct Play) Hack Online




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