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Were the charges fabricated? The film marshals evidence that investigators coercively questioned some children. Several former students appear onscreen, saying they saw no abuse in their classes and were pushed hard by investigators to say that they had. One outspoken young man calls Arnold not a monster but a "nebbish." And former Village Voice writer Debbie Nathan, author of a book debunking child sex abuse prosecutions, wonders aloud onscreen why--if the purported abuse was, as the police suggested, so widespread and violent--no child told his parents or came home in tears or smeared with blood or semen.

There was another side to Mr. Raines, one that Salter had seen months earlier, when she had videotaped him in prison (prior to his probation) for a training film. He told her he'd molested between 30 and 100 young boys, starting when he was 13. He'd "never victimized a stranger," he told her. All his victims were friends . "You don't just go up and get the child and sexually molest the child. There's a process of obtaining the child's friendship. You take them places. You buy them gifts. . . . The child has a look in his eyes--it's hard to explain--you just have to kind of know the look. You know when you've got that kid."

At such an age, pornographic games on computers--and even the first group sex games--might have been experienced as naughty pleasures. Having kept one set of secrets from their parents, might it have been hard for the few boys chosen for deeper mischief to talk when things really got out of hand? And when the worst came out, could it have been less shameful for the children--and more understandable to their parents--if the kids exaggerated the violence?

Adolescents' perceptions of risk involved in specific behaviors were examined in 224 middle/high school students from 11 to 19 years (mean=14.2 years, SD=1.8). 110 subjects were male and 114 were female. Subjects rated the risk of 11 behaviors on a 6-point scale. The behaviors included those associated with morbidity/mortality (drinking beer/wine=DRINKBW;drinking hard liquor=DRINKH;using drugs=DRUGS;being a passenger in a car when driver has had a few drinks=DRVDRK; or is driving fast=DRVFAST; riding a bike/skateboard recklessly=RECK; having sexual intercourse=SEX). Other behaviors rated were smoking cigarettes (CIG); not seeing a physician in presence of health problem (NOMD); eating poorly (EATBAD); and not exercising (NOEX). In decreasing, order of risk, subjects rated the behaviors as follows: DRUGS, DRVDRK, DRINKH, NOMD, CIG, RECK, DRINKBW, DRVFAST, SEX, EATBAD, and NOEX. Risk assessments varied as a function of the adolescents sex, age, and Tanner stage. Behaviors associated with morbidity/ mortality were seen as being significantly more risky by females than by males (p

It was brains I was after. I had no interest in looks, popular fame or money. From the age of 13 or so it was clear to me that I needed a mature, sophisticated lover, a writer, artist, journalist or politico. I daydreamed coups de foudre, epiphanic meetings with the writers whose books I was reading and encounters with nameless, imaginary artists and philosophers. No businessmen, comedians or rock stars. I wanted wisdom and sexual finesse. I had no upper age limit, although in those days the oldest man in my life was in his fifties. My lower limit was quite specific: no one under thirty. My interest simply died when someone revealed himself to be 28 or 29. 041b061a72


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