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Voip Switch Crack

VoIP utilizes the same internet infrastructure, and it also uses the TCP, UDP, and other common protocols; it makes VoIP vulnerable to the common type of attacks such as DDOS and password cracking. The attacker performs the footprinting to gather information of the VoIP network, once the information is acquired, they attack. Flooding the VoIP environment or denial of service attack is one of the dangerous attacks, and the objective of this attack is to make the resources unavailable for the legitimate users.

Voip Switch Crack

Nowadays, it is normal to observe employees working while on the go, whether at a nearby park or a nearby cafe. When you switch to Vivant VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems, your staff will be able to accept calls and voicemails regardless of their location.

As the lines between strategy and operations continue to blur in an increasingly fast-paced world, communication all too often falls between the cracks. It is commonly regarded as the final mile between the strategy team and the rest of the world.

- Drives 44 cyber systems supporting global strike/intelligence/missile defense/targeting msns at $106M DoDIN facility - Executes in-service quality control checks to identify/isolate & repair degradations across 6 installations iso 1.8K prsnl - Coords upgrade/expansions w/HHQ; manages 519 circuits for US/NATO exs/humanitarian ops/theater contingencies - Initiates & maintains communications equip throughout DoD s largest installation encompassing 724 sq miles - Provides C4 capabilities for $4B R&D msns across 6 MAJCOMs, 7 Wg/Wg-equivalents & 40 associate units - Operates test equip to repair switch faults; maintains critical DC power sys ensuring service for 21.1K clients - Performs mx on Eglin s 30K-line telephone switch, 6 remote switches & 25K-line VoIP switch valued at $35M

- Acclaimed leader and "go to person"; mentored three inexperienced GS-9's--ensured 850 customer needs met - Amplified c-SUAS svc suite; est'd 28K ft fiber pathing/3 sites--postured $15M anti-drone def w/Wg Security Initiative - Appointed as POC to top DoD techs; coordinated 33% throughput upgrade; upped data flow for 6K customers - Appointed CRO; responsible for T/S & S account vital to secure msn comm--zero discrepancies COMSEC inspection - Appointed shop POC for first wireless install--connected 96 maintainers; configurations done three days early - Appointed wireless install POC; let 96 maintainers access CAMS from aircraft--saved 800 monthly man-hours - Approved 50 field service requests; ensured timely restoration of DODIN assets...enhanced OIF/OEF/GIG ops - Approved 600 web page updates; guaranteed most up-to-date data--optimized data-sharing for 23K customers - Assembled hyperlinks for AF Portal deployment; merged 63 items, optimized access to internet resources - Attacked base-wide network outage; troubleshot and reconfigured router--restored access for 6K customers - Attacked software corruption disabling 24 switches; reconfigured switches--restored access for 3K customers - Attacked web server outage; identified, troubleshot, and reconfigured device; restored access for 6,000 users - Attended Web Site Development and Electronic Records Management courses--direct benefit to the section - Attention to detail! Provided meticulous oversight of $54K ADPE account; zero accountability discrepancies - Authored alternate ntwk path; enabled base missile defense sys access to ntwk...protected US/Coalition assets - Authored first-ever CAA/FTAC budget; procured $12K in resources--essential materials for 22 annual courses - Authored web site creation process; created approval form to edit web pages--eliminated unauthorized access - Automated server log push for AFCESA--allowed monitoring of web status for one million users worldwide

- Capitalized partnerships; harnessed the power of 15 off base organizations--increased services/resources 12% - Circuit recovery proj tm mbr; reclaimed 304 abandoned voice/data links--averted $18.3K in erroneous billing - Clutched 405 EAES Ops msn set; integrated new SIPR f/16 prsnl--facilitated ATO acq/spt'd 9 airevac srts f/35 patients- Complet'd 45 mx inspections; extend'd $56M voice switch service life-- 8.5K lines/base warfighters msn ready - COMSEC responsible officer; loaded 200 crypto devices/deleted 600 keys...secured 30 operation ISR circuits- Conducted 90 accountable container receipt inspections--all mail stops touched--access only to key personnel - Conducted in-depth QA inspection of A-Staff collaboration room--guaranteed quality audio for JCS exercise - Conducted ten VTCs for 168 participants--instrumental to success of Exercise BEVERLY BULLDOG 06-02- Configured command-unique commander's update software; automated C2 information update notifications - Configured network access for 601 ACOMS; gave UDM readiness system access to update 84 mobility folders - Configured work ctr's switches; established 24 VLANs, access & trunk parts--drove VITE tng rng for DIP connection- Configured/deployed 18 assets; enabled deployed-in-place sys for LA, FL, USINDOPACOM--powered 4 cyber msns- Connected e-mail relay for AFCESA active server page--allowed over 3,000 worldwide users to see database - Consolidated AFOSI comm; relocated 12 lines/removed 20 unused circuits--recouped $832 in telephone assets - Coord'd w/10 agencies on 5 outages; drove major power mx at 4 sites--secured $106M C2 node/20% USEUCOM data - Coordinated base-wide switch reconfiguration; upgraded 23 devices--extra work hours prevented downtime - Coordinated commercial comm repairs; directed fix of 164 off-base access lines; restored service for 5K users - Coordinated firewall sensor fix; ensured vital comm access for coalition mbrs...restored REL DMZ services - Coordinated long-haul hardware upgrade; Wing POC for DISA--zero user downtime for 1 AF, weather links - Coordinated multiple agencies in connecting last minute VTC for MG Bordelon, Deputy Commander AFFOR - Coordinated Tyndall web-based voting system; completed in 4 hours--registration time reduced nearly 80% - Coordinated w/FSST and Creech AFB; upgraded ACN encryption equipment--zero downtown, no mission stoppage - Coordinated with ESC East; working through ESC failover issues on JWICS/TS network--resulting in zero downtime- Corrected 1 AF outage; reconfigured three switches feeding 220 personnel; restored ONE duty schedule access - Corrected 95 FS switch malfunction; restored data link in 20 minutes--averted 40 training sortie cancellations - Corrected flight simulator malfunction; replaced data relay card--averted cancellation of eight training sessions - Corrected OG data circuit failure; fixed data link in 20 minutes--averted 40 pilot training flight cancellations - Corrected safety discrepancies during shop quarterly inspection; ensured compliance--protected force - Corrected server failure; restored CE control of air conditioning systems-ensured monitoring of 103 structures - Corrected Silver Flag site outage; restored training reference access--averted training delay for 120 students - Counter'd coalition ntwk outage; diagnos'd/repair'd failed encryption devices/3 sites--sync'd 4 allies/3 bases ISO NMI - Created 1 FW web administrator VPN; permitted Langley AFB to update William Tell data--6K viewers/day - Created 1AF team website--optimal project planning for 1,200 personnel; project approval four days faster - Created CAA web page; consolidated access to 128 resources--guaranteed 24/7 career reference availability - Created error notification pages for Tyndall websites--enhanced browsing for users/cut service calls by 20% - Created FSA/WM help site; cataloged over 5K pubs, forms, and guides--used to support 6K computer users - Created FSA/WM help site; consolidated tracking tools, pubs, forms, and guides...24-hour, full-scale support - Created network access for 601 ACOMS; gave UDM readiness system access--84 mobility folders ready to go - Created new NORAD link; 24 more SIPRNET terminals--added 24 Homeland Defense sortie coordinator slots - Created new secure CONR link; added 24 SIPRNet terminals--doubled Homeland Defense sortie coordinators - Created secure web site for 17 AF Reserve dignitaries; automated registration process--lauded by attendees - Created web site continuity folder; compiled 3k pages of material--reduced downtime from 11% to 1% - Crushed 46 EATKS blackout; isolated/fixed pri uplink

- Dedicated professional! Contributed to Scope Net team recognizing Tyndall's network as best in AETC - Dedicated technician! Installed eight short notice VPNs; worked 60 hour week--provided 24/7 MAJCOM C2 - Demonstrated AF values; connected and paid for electricity for destitute neighbor--family not in survival mode- Deployed 191 days to AUAB; maintained 20 CAOC sys/3.5K assets; delivered C2/air power to Iraq/Syria/Afghanistan - Deployed antivirus updates to 20 SCI computers; eliminated 46 vulnerabilities--contributed to zero-virus year - Deployed as Systems Ctrl Officer ISO OEF/GWOT; directed regional ckt ops...maintained 99.9% ntwk uptime - Deployed commander's update software ... enabled instant notifications; named unit Performer of the Month - Deployed encrypted dial-up system; doubled NORAD sortie activation speed--ready for immediate promotion! - Deployed F/A-22 database access; system running in only 3 days--new avionics status monitoring method - Deployed F/A-22 secure network; oversaw $57K in installs--key to upkeep/training on newest weapon system - Deployed new remote access system; seamless upgrade quadrupled remote access account pool with 900%- Deployed replacement web server; tripled processing speed to optimally handle 12K daily connections - Deployed web server monitoring software; enabled problem alerts/trend analysis--89% uptime rate now 99% - Deployed wireless tracking system; exposed 15 unknown access points--locked-down network vulnerability - Designed 1 MAW ntwk; built 2 ckts/80 voice lines/spt'd 14 USMC acft/helos--essential to Ex KEY RESOLVE - Detected and corrected security flaw affecting 52 web sites; averted loss of data used by over 15,000 Airmen - Detected and fixed faulty switch; averted total outage at NCOA--guaranteed instructional material availability - Detected SIPRNet e-mail outage; started work before user impact--classified messaging restored in 30 minutes - Detected/fixed vulnerability on 62 switches; completed in 11 hours--averted data outages for 6,000 customers - Developed comprehensive VTC scheduling matrix--improved VTC technician accountability by over 25% - Devised CAA training plan; validated 22 critical tasks--essential to training/continuity for one-deep position - Devised first-ever GRE tunnel scheme; analyzed/applied routing techniques to 20 switches--L3 capes fully integrated - Diagnosed faulty DMS computer; repaired crypto card reader--instant access to encrypted e-mail for 325 OSS - Directed 15 technicians during base power outage; total downtime 3 hours--restored 6K users connectivity - Directed 800 equip PMIs; cleaned/optimized 550 ntwk assets...elim'd risk to $24M SIGINT Nat'l Def wpn sys - Directed Accident Investigation Board setup; ensured network access in 30 minutes--lauded by top investigator - Directed eTool cabinet replacement; reduced amount of network switches; ensured adequate communication assets- Directed OSI classified info transfer resolution; corrected hardware failure--key to 11K intel report deliveries - Directed pilot training web site and database deployment; enabled 24/7 worldwide flying training management - Directed response to cable cut--orchestrated actions of 24 technicians; 140 users/three rerouted in 30 minutes - Directed server backup deployment; reduced task from 11 hours to 1, established data redundancy for 24 units - Directed web staging server roll-out; 33% faster access for 29 web sites expedited data access for 26K users - Discovered fuel-oil cooler crack; patched leak in 20 minutes--prevented fatal accident/saved $135m resource - Discovered hacking software on the network; quickly eradicated program--ensured information system integrity - Dispatched workers to SIPRNet link outage; corrected problem in 15 minutes--restored 1 AF/CC's main circuit - Doubled F/A-22 network footprint; oversaw $57K in maintenance support installs--100% connection increase - Doubled F/A-22 secure network footprint; installed $57K in maintenance support equipment-added eight users - Doubled F/A-22 secure network footprint; oversaw $57K in maintenance support installs--14 new connections - Drafted 485 situational reports; briefed AOR CCs on ntwk availability...enabled COCOM strategic planning - Drove Det 3 ops transfr; dev'd action plan/overhauled AMC SIPR-- spt'd 25K users/11 bases/sec'd TRANSCOM msn


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